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So I saw Oprah the other day and it home with me in everything i was doing when it came to relationships. So I broke it off with Jonathan. From his reply sounded like he was pissed but i just don't care. I was very clear what I wanted from him and He just couldn't or wouldn't give it to me.
P.S. I just found out that He might have hooked up with this nasty old married lady at my work. She was always a bitch to me and now it makes sense what a DOG.
this is what I wrote him and what he responed in 20 minutes, mostly taking long to look up he big words that he acts as if he uses on an every day basis. ha ah hahahaha

By you not responding to my emails and or call is your answer.

Thanks for the nice offer of working for you but please don't do me any favors. I know deep down you mean well. You have such a big heart but honesty is worth so much more to me.
I 'm going to stick to my gut feeling about this and just walk away before its gets ugly.

The reason I got in contact with you again was because it felt was so unfinished between us, And I truly did care about you and missed you.
I'm the stupid girl because you told me what was up and I wanted to believe something that wasn't true that you cared for me in a way that you flat out didn't.
When we were at the Ville' I know that I was getting checked out by more than half the place, and could have almost anyone I wanted that night but the crazy thing was I only had freaking' eyes for you.
I get it now, YOUR JUST NOT THAT INTO ME and that's ok. I just need to deal with that and move on and find someone who is. There is a lot of wonderful things about me that some other guy with not let the moment pass by.
I'm a feakin 10 and if you can't see it, that's your loss not mine.

Good-bye Jonathan and I hope you find what you are looking for,

20 minutes latter......

listen - I was serious about what I said. Just because I didn't respond to your email asap, isn't indicative of anything aside from the obvious: I am a very busy person. I think you're confused about one or two things, and to be honest, I resent the implication in your last email. You're a very presumptuous person - and while this may ordinarily serve you quite well - it has clearly impugned your perceived understanding of me. I'm not a simple person, and I despise being juxtaposed to others. Inasmuch, I'm not particularly fond of other people's opinions concerning how I should or should not react in a given situation. I am not competing with anyone. Evidently you seem to be of the opinion that I should be - this, again, is an erroneous, and more importantly, an unfounded assumption.

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