Blindness of Heart (trinityessence) wrote,
Blindness of Heart

i broke in and emailed him but i feel like shit cus i shouldn't have

(what i emailed to him)

Have you married her yet?

if so congratulations wish you much happiness.
from: a ghost

p.s. happy belated birthday, the dead never forget even if they are trying too

(what steve wrote to me)
thanks for the birthday wishes. My birthday was very low key this year, it came and it went without sound it seems. I hope you are well, and everything is good. Hopefully your life is taking you in the directions that you want to go, and that you are happy. I have not married her yet. Work is going better for me and I am slowly beginning to write again. I will be made full time soon and I might be going back to school for a while, to take some work related classes. I know your last email said disregard but I thought I would give you a small update if you were curious.

from: a fellow ghost

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